19 Kor 2020
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cheescake cones
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  • The salty spy curiosly sin because order specially spot against a nondescript mailbox. lucky, flimsy glockenspiel

    Roselia HochhalterRoselia HochhalterDitë më parë
  • “It feels like you’re eating like a hamster… and then there’s like a peanut aftertaste” Emma 2020

    chelsea malfoychelsea malfoy2 ditë më parë
  • i have a add block but holy f**k there are a lot of adds on this vid

    Nathan WhiteNathan White2 ditë më parë
  • I’m not sure what it is but your videos always make me laugh. Those cheesecake cones sounded awesome! Thanks for the video!!

    BigDaddysWorldBigDaddysWorld4 ditë më parë
  • the fact that she saw 1111 n then covid happened rught after

    lollol4 ditë më parë
  • fuck she is so adorable

    Derek WillisDerek Willis4 ditë më parë
  • i love you emma but.. a HAMSTER?? 😭✋

    olivia septerolivia septer5 ditë më parë
  • i love her

    Patricia BalanPatricia Balan5 ditë më parë
  • lol i never bothered looking up if i have a trader joe’s near me until just now and i literally have one 8 miles away :,)

    fat loserfat loser5 ditë më parë
  • *I now have a routine where I binge watch Emma’s videos and cry about how beautiful Paul Wesley is.* *It’s currently 4:45am* 🥲

    Keara Ellis-BettsKeara Ellis-Betts6 ditë më parë
  • The number thing happened to me. GOD IS TRYING TO SEND UA MESSAGE. Literally. For me it was that I was doing something stupid at the time unknowingly. I recommend praying and finding Jesus. You will find him fascinating if you do your own homework. Grace Community Church. Seriously go

    C CornC Corn6 ditë më parë

    Cameron CoxCameron Cox7 ditë më parë
  • “gAtHeR rOunD, eAt ThE dIlLpIcKlE huMmUs”📢🐑

    Ontario SmithOntario Smith8 ditë më parë

      Abby GarciaAbby Garcia2 ditë më parë
  • Spicy 🥵

    Greener LifestyleGreener Lifestyle9 ditë më parë
  • Am I the only One who hears their parents Scream when Emma let the fidge opened that long?

    Ronja KleeRonja Klee10 ditë më parë
  • 4:05 please just watch it.

    Addi DegenhardtAddi Degenhardt11 ditë më parë
  • When she says that she's never up for cooking... and now LOVES cooking and is turning into a cooking channel...

    Ava MonroeAva Monroe12 ditë më parë

    hey lolhey lol13 ditë më parë
  • bamba is my fvourite

    Miles D.Miles D.15 ditë më parë
  • ummmm emma where was my forehead kiss?!?!

    Niamh ODNiamh OD15 ditë më parë
  • i only trust emma on these subjects

    cantonn lilycantonn lily15 ditë më parë
  • anyone else see the stella rose in the fridge 🗣🗣

    Addison RuddAddison Rudd15 ditë më parë
    • artois*

      Addison RuddAddison Rudd15 ditë më parë
  • the acting part is so accurate

    Yuyi LopezYuyi Lopez16 ditë më parë
  • The limp Bizkit line lmao

    Jacob LandoJacob Lando17 ditë më parë
  • Not true

    Greener LifestyleGreener Lifestyle18 ditë më parë
  • We have vishal and big bazaar not trader joe's in india

    Mona LisaMona Lisa18 ditë më parë
  • I just love how serious she takes every tasting video she makes haha

    Lea WieserLea Wieser19 ditë më parë
  • use the dressing as a face mask

    Edward Scott-BaughmanEdward Scott-Baughman22 ditë më parë
  • I have had the spud crunchies SO BAD do NOT recomend

    Sophie EdwardsSophie Edwards22 ditë më parë
  • she gotta try the chocolate hummus w Club crackers

    d-e-d ded skeleton ward-e-d ded skeleton war22 ditë më parë
  • Bamba is a super popular Israeli snack (especially for kids) and believed to be the reason there's a really low incidence of peanut allergy in Israel.

    hereformusicandfoodhereformusicandfood23 ditë më parë
  • Emma: I’m gonna stop swearing Also Emma: fuck fuck fuck this is so fucking good I don’t wanna fucking cook Fuck fuck fuck fuck

    MackenzieMackenzie23 ditë më parë
  • *Me not feelings good* : emma it is wheee..

    Aaira QureshiAaira Qureshi24 ditë më parë
  • trader joes is like the American version of M&S

    Ruby SmithRuby Smith24 ditë më parë
  • Hamsters are actually chewy

    AmiraAmira25 ditë më parë
  • Yes

    Sean CanningSean Canning26 ditë më parë
  • 5:00 🍩🚗🤣😂

    Stacy HStacy H27 ditë më parë
  • Chocolate hummus is so gross! I don’t get it lol

    Cindy LoohooCindy Loohoo27 ditë më parë
  • Start an Internet beef

    Greener LifestyleGreener Lifestyle28 ditë më parë
  • yes!!! vlogs please

    Brenda en hammy'sBrenda en hammy's28 ditë më parë
  • When she said maybe not a hamster that would be to Crunchy i lost 200 Brain cells lol ,’-,’

    Gabby NuttGabby NuttMuaj më parë
  • I have a feeling Emma would love Marks and Spencer’s Christmas range

    Sofia BSofia BMuaj më parë
  • alternate title name: emma tries not to cuss

    Coco CouperCoco CouperMuaj më parë
  • toddlers/babies: dont have tastebuds. dont have brains. probably

    SyMpHOnySyMpHOnyMuaj më parë
  • At 3:33 when she said bamba I had no idea what is that but when she opened it I was like oh that’s bamba ( an Israeli snack (I’m Israeli) )

    אינאס עמארנהאינאס עמארנהMuaj më parë
  • I dont think we have trader joes in the uk :(

    Freya MorganFreya MorganMuaj më parë
  • Next time you go you should get the Trader Joe’s takis there in like a pink and lime bag lmaoo

    char barrettochar barrettoMuaj më parë
  • did-did she use scissors to cut pizza?

    Gyasi WGyasi WMuaj më parë
  • 3:17 to 3:23

    boba playzboba playzMuaj më parë
  • I’m so sad those cheesecake cones don’t exist anymore. I went to look for some and couldn’t find them :(

    Jessica BlackburnJessica BlackburnMuaj më parë
  • its not mac and cheese if its vegan. its just mac..

    xxXsphxiexxXsphxieMuaj më parë
  • Idk why people say those vegan jokes like it’s rrsally weird to us like I literally have so much to say but cannottt be asked but let’s just say it makes u look terribly UGHHH

    Leila MoonLeila MoonMuaj më parë
  • If your in FL Publix makes the Almond Cheesecake Cones from scratch... soooo good!!!

    kira grifithkira grifithMuaj më parë
  • Trader Joe’s puts its label on items that you can find at Walmart. I know from personal experience. Kinda funny. Still love Trader Joe’s though

    Christina MauryChristina MauryMuaj më parë
  • I have been suffering from lack of sleep and anxiety lately .. watching Emma's videos helped me a lot she is one of kind

    Fatima Al KarbiFatima Al KarbiMuaj më parë
  • 4:05 someone call peta asdfghjasdfghjklkjhgfş

    Begüm ZorBegüm ZorMuaj më parë
  • trader joes: what's another word for dried also trader joes: dEhYDratEd

    Zion ThomasZion ThomasMuaj më parë
    • dried humans (LMAO)

      Peyton EPeyton EMuaj më parë
  • Ok, Queen Key... my way or the highway...

    Moore Jessica PleaseMoore Jessica PleaseMuaj më parë
  • i'm glad that i started watching you again. i missed your videos so much! thanks for making my day

    blankblankMuaj më parë
  • 15:36 mood

    Billie’s EyelashBillie’s EyelashMuaj më parë
  • The way Emma torture herself of stomachache, fullness, and ill feeling in every video got me dead

    viaviaMuaj më parë
  • Emma: talking to the camera Oven: bleep bleep Emma to oven: STFU Me: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Trinity StoneTrinity StoneMuaj më parë
  • 3:45 i thought it was a goat ngl emma get a goat

    elly reneelly reneMuaj më parë
  • 1:01 you're never boring emma, and when you do stupid things it's always the good funny stupid so, not skipping this chance to see you taste somethin i will never know bcs i'm european hajhjkfgh

    not herenot hereMuaj më parë
  • So I've seen this video before and I just realized today that you went to Arthur's closet to get dressed before this video. I scrolled through some comments to see if anyone else mentioned it but I didn't see anyone say that but it's very true

    Courtney PCourtney PMuaj më parë
  • If I had money I swear that I would go to a traded joes hhahahahahah right now

    Bruna PalomaroBruna PalomaroMuaj më parë
    • @Miloslav Masár yes me too hahaha

      Bruna PalomaroBruna PalomaroMuaj më parë
    • I would go there if it was in my country

      Miloslav MasárMiloslav MasárMuaj më parë
  • Emma's spiritual awakening

    rainy parkerrainy parkerMuaj më parë
  • 3 year old baby???

    DLKerenDLKerenMuaj më parë
  • ily

    orel del reyorel del reyMuaj më parë
  • i can’t my sister this morning told me she saw the same numbers Emma saw 😯

    Litzmary VeraLitzmary VeraMuaj më parë
  • You have to dip cucumbers into the dill pickle hummus. It all makes sense if you do that👌🏼

    Kristen FrafjordKristen FrafjordMuaj më parë
  • does anyone know what coffee machine she uses lmaoo

    olivia liuolivia liuMuaj më parë
  • Anybody watching this in 2021?

    Amelia BielskiAmelia BielskiMuaj më parë

    Hendrix HernandezHendrix HernandezMuaj më parë
  • The piece of food in her hair👁👄👁

    naomi judenaomi judeMuaj më parë
  • I'm Canadian. I travelled to the US to go to trader joes to find these snacks, Emma! tAnd I must say... 😅🥴 it's a hit or miss.

    Deanna DiariesDeanna DiariesMuaj më parë
  • Emma: "i dont think i like this" *puts hand back into bag*

    Kienna Smith-KassamKienna Smith-KassamMuaj më parë
  • OMGGG I KEEP SEEING 11 ALL THE TIME TOO!!! IT DRIVES ME INSANE!! Also, me and my friends used to call this guy 3/11, and I HATED that guy.. AND EVERY TIME I SEE 11 I GET MAD CAUSE IT REMINDS ME OF THAT PERSON!!!

    Amaris MoralesAmaris MoralesMuaj më parë
  • imagine the cheesecake with the chocolate hummus wow .

    Life as GiannaLife as GiannaMuaj më parë
  • nobody: emma: tAke OfF tHe tOp "body rolls"

    madison carrieremadison carriereMuaj më parë
  • במבה

    yarin yarinyarin yarinMuaj më parë
  • Why areee u so pickyyyyy?

    Mia MemetovicMia MemetovicMuaj më parë
  • "If you wanna have a healthy 3 year old vegan baby" dude you are promoting fucking child abuse 😡

    ArchCrippleDickArchCrippleDickMuaj më parë
  • I thinks it funny how easy it is to spot a vegetarian. She has a sort of sickly deformed look in her face from lack of nutrition

    ArchCrippleDickArchCrippleDickMuaj më parë
    • @Miloslav Masár yes. You mean the diet humans have adhered to since the beginning of recorded history. Please, if that's the case, I would like to go back to the stone age and you others can eat all the estrogen burgers.

      ArchCrippleDickArchCrippleDickMuaj më parë
    • Better than being stuck in stone age and eating meat

      Miloslav MasárMiloslav MasárMuaj më parë
  • I always look at my phone at 12:18 lol scares me sm

    Hana JehanzebHana JehanzebMuaj më parë
  • I like the swearing

    Maddie Mary-KateMaddie Mary-KateMuaj më parë
  • They don’t have traders joes in South Africa and we’re in the middle of a panoramic so you wanna send me some ?

    Tammy GallichanTammy GallichanMuaj më parë
  • Before you said you see 11 very often I said to myself “I bet it’s 11”

    Lia DuarteLia DuarteMuaj më parë
  • who’s here 2021 ririririri

    my little ponymy little ponyMuaj më parë
  • I can’t believe you haven’t tried bamba!!!

    Elizabeth GompertsElizabeth GompertsMuaj më parë
    • Like my friend named her dog bamba lol

      Elizabeth GompertsElizabeth GompertsMuaj më parë
  • i like way u describe things

    AlyssaAlyssaMuaj më parë
  • I’m confused, is she a vegan? Cuz I’ve seen a video that she used eggs before so I’m just wondering lol

    Crystal HeinleinCrystal HeinleinMuaj më parë
    • Hhah yeah np

      Crystal HeinleinCrystal HeinleinMuaj më parë
    • @Crystal Heinlein oh, I didn't know that... but thanks, I was getting confused too

      Miloslav MasárMiloslav MasárMuaj më parë
    • In her latest video, she actually said she’s a vegetarian but eats vegan stuff to “spice it up”😂😂

      Crystal HeinleinCrystal HeinleinMuaj më parë
    • Yeah, she's a vegan and I'm remembering eggs from her vids too...

      Miloslav MasárMiloslav MasárMuaj më parë
  • 🐝

    Greentea ArizonaGreentea ArizonaMuaj më parë
  • You should go on hot ones

    jessica jean bjessica jean bMuaj më parë
  • okay hear me out before she said 11 when she was talking about the number thing 11 popped into my head🤯

    MyetteMyetteMuaj më parë
  • The cheesecake cones are pretty much like cannolis, btw I love you Emma!

    Tirzah OrtegaTirzah OrtegaMuaj më parë
  • Oh you HAVE to cook the gnocchis by the package instructions!

    Elisabeth CuninghamElisabeth CuninghamMuaj më parë
  • " crazzAYY " 14:11

    aesthattyy pastellaesthattyy pastellMuaj më parë
  • emma: i dont like who i am sometimes... me: i do. emma: wanna swap lives? me: i- emma: jk! Me: I was down but whatever...

    itsseashxllsitsseashxllsMuaj më parë
  • emma, babe, please close your fridge before i have a seizure

    Isabella BrowneIsabella Browne2 muaj më parë